Henry graduated from Puppy Kindergarten this weekend! We've been taking him to puppy classes for the past 6 weeks, and they've been a great training tool (teaching us, more than anything). We're going to take a couple weeks off then start another 5-week class for tricks. We hope some of our favorite pups from kindergarten are in the tricks class with us!

To help with his socialization, we met up with our friends Amy & Tim to go to a park this afternoon. It was beautiful outside, and their miniature Australian Shepherds got a lot of attention. But who could resist them?? Daphne and Chloe are gorgeous, and so soft!

We've had a graduation of sorts as well. Our new furniture has arrived! It's a bit larger than our old furniture, so we had to move a corner shelf into the dining room. It was a win-win for both rooms!

I'm hoping that we'll have a third graduation to report very soon - a graduation to good health for Cooper. The Coopster has suffered from "dirty pants" since we adopted him a year and a half ago, and it's recently gotten much worse. We've decided to switch vets, and hopefully tomorrow morning when I take him into the new clinic they'll finally be able to figure out what's wrong with him so he can start to feel better.

And finally, because he doesn't get enough love on this blog...a picture of Hobbes. He's such a lovable cat, and luxurious to boot. It's a shame that he doesn't come out to visit more often with anyone other than us!

Happy Sunday! I'm going to be heading to Leavenworth this week for some training. I've never been before, but have heard that it's beautiful. Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures to share!

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