Forever 19

Carrie Reasoner
March 7, 1972 - May 18, 1991

I miss you, sis. I'm sure you are having one heck of a birthday party up there today.


philnjill said...

I miss her everyday. Still breaks my heart.

Karl said...

I never got to meet Carrie, but I am so thankful for her influence on the woman I love. She helped shape Laura into a wonderful, smart, and caring woman and I love Carrie for her part in that. At 19 her life was cut too short, but I am so fortunate to see her in the people I care about now. Her spirit lives on in their actions, joys (and sadness), triumphs, and memories.

Thank you Carrie for the meaningful impact you made in all of our lives.


Anonymous said...

I had been friends with Carrie since 7th grade. I miss her and think about her everyday. Thank you for putting this space on the internet. I'm glad to see you are doing well Laura. Your sister loved you very much. Please feel free to contact me anytime at akin4u@hotmail.com

Take care Laura,
Love Michelle (McAfee) Akin

Tyson said...

I grew up with a Carrie Reasoner in Renton, WA from the time we were born (in 72) until she moved out of the neighborhood when she was about 5-7 years old. Is this the same Carrie? If so, Please email me. TysonMM @ Gmail.com

If this is the same Carrie, may I ask what took her life? Please email me.

I recall playing on her swingset when we were little and we went to preschool together at Highlands Preschool.

Thank you for your time to reply.

Anonymous said...

Just looking for some memories of Carrie thanks for posting this Laura I too miss her everyday and will always love her.If you wan't Laura email me at wildwill2112@hotmail.com William m Wyman

william wyman said...

was thinking of carrie and ran across this hope everyone is doing well, I miss her very much and will always love her. Laura feel free to email me wildwill2112@hotmail.com hope all is doing well, William m Wyman

Anonymous said...

For some reason I have been thinking about Carrie a lot the last 2 - 3 weeks. I talked to her less than 2 hours before that drunk driver killed her. I have often wondered what might have happened had I kept talking for another 5 minutes.

Tim Baggs