The Daily Puppy!

Henry is the featured dog on the The Daily Puppy today! We submitted the photos last week, but didn't even hear back from them that we'd been selected...I just stumbled across it this morning.

I'm a little bummed that they listed him as just a Miniature Schnauzer instead of a Mini Schnauzer mix (or my personal favorite, a Mauzer), but that's not really THAT big of a deal. We know that Henry has a Malti-Lhasa mom and a Mini Schnauzer dad!

Go vote for Henry....11 bones all the way, baby! :)

ETA: The Daily Puppy changed Henry's breed for us...talk about a stand-up group of guys!


Karl said...

We are both very proud parents! Henry is so darn cute! I already put in my 11 bones vote. I was so surprised to see little Henry's pictures on the site. They used almost all the pictures we sent them.


philnjill said...

How very cute! I love reading the comments, too.