Henry graduated from Puppy Kindergarten this weekend! We've been taking him to puppy classes for the past 6 weeks, and they've been a great training tool (teaching us, more than anything). We're going to take a couple weeks off then start another 5-week class for tricks. We hope some of our favorite pups from kindergarten are in the tricks class with us!

To help with his socialization, we met up with our friends Amy & Tim to go to a park this afternoon. It was beautiful outside, and their miniature Australian Shepherds got a lot of attention. But who could resist them?? Daphne and Chloe are gorgeous, and so soft!

We've had a graduation of sorts as well. Our new furniture has arrived! It's a bit larger than our old furniture, so we had to move a corner shelf into the dining room. It was a win-win for both rooms!

I'm hoping that we'll have a third graduation to report very soon - a graduation to good health for Cooper. The Coopster has suffered from "dirty pants" since we adopted him a year and a half ago, and it's recently gotten much worse. We've decided to switch vets, and hopefully tomorrow morning when I take him into the new clinic they'll finally be able to figure out what's wrong with him so he can start to feel better.

And finally, because he doesn't get enough love on this blog...a picture of Hobbes. He's such a lovable cat, and luxurious to boot. It's a shame that he doesn't come out to visit more often with anyone other than us!

Happy Sunday! I'm going to be heading to Leavenworth this week for some training. I've never been before, but have heard that it's beautiful. Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures to share!


I actually finished a project!

By golly, I actually finished something in time! Granted, I had to take a few hours off work in order to get it done....but it got done. I had some frustrations finishing this - I didn't have any batting that was large enough, my walking foot exploded all over me and broke a needle (lesson learned: if the machine feels and sounds weird, there's probably something wrong and you shouldn't just ignore it and hope it fixes itself...it won't.) and I stippled along two sides of the yellow before deciding that it made the quilt look too busy so I ripped it all out and just left the sides plain. Luckily the mom-to-be loved it, and she's already sent me a picture of the baby's room with the quilt draped over the ottoman. :)

And because no post is complete without a Henry picture....here are a few fun photos of the Henster being "babysat" by Hobbes:

Henry's all "WTF?" in that last photo. I love it!


Big Fish in a Small Pond

Karl got a new job!!!

He'll have to commute to downtown Seattle now, instead of his leisurely drive along Lake Sammamish.....but you know what? It'll totally be worth it if he is appreciated more than he has been for the past 4 years.

Any ideas as to where he'll be working? I'll give you a hint - the company shares its name with one of my all-time favorite movies. :)

Congratulations, honey!!


Sunday WIP

Here are two recent projects that I've started. The easy part (for me) - picking fabrics, deciding on a pattern, piecing the top - is done...and now I've got the hard part left. The part that always trips me up...the finishing (ummm, hello? I still haven't finished a certain set of placemats that was supposed to be done in time for Christmas). I've got to quilt and bind these two projects before they are done.

First up is a mini table runner (for lack of a better term) for our kitchen table. I bought my stepmom a similar pack of Moda Civil War squares for Christmas, and I liked the fabrics so much that I got one for myself as well.

Next up is a baby blanket for someone at work who is going on maternity leave at the end of this week. Remember how I vowed to not procrastinate after the stress known as Christmas 2006? Yeah, not so much. I've had almost 9 months to make this quilt, and I start less than one week before the shower...will I never learn??

I love the green and blue fabrics that I found, and I hope they match the colors in the baby-to-be's room. I've got the top pieced, and now I'm struggling with how to quilt the middle. Any ideas??

Notice how I tend to stray toward simple patchworks? Maybe I'll venture out to a tougher pattern next time. Then again, I do like a good patchwork - it's simple and timeless. :)


Forever 19

Carrie Reasoner
March 7, 1972 - May 18, 1991

I miss you, sis. I'm sure you are having one heck of a birthday party up there today.


The Daily Puppy!

Henry is the featured dog on the The Daily Puppy today! We submitted the photos last week, but didn't even hear back from them that we'd been selected...I just stumbled across it this morning.

I'm a little bummed that they listed him as just a Miniature Schnauzer instead of a Mini Schnauzer mix (or my personal favorite, a Mauzer), but that's not really THAT big of a deal. We know that Henry has a Malti-Lhasa mom and a Mini Schnauzer dad!

Go vote for Henry....11 bones all the way, baby! :)

ETA: The Daily Puppy changed Henry's breed for us...talk about a stand-up group of guys!


simple sewing

I made a few super simple burp rags over the weekend as a baby gift for someone at work. The gal at the fabric store suggested making 2 burp rags out of 1 yard of terry cloth, but that made them about the size of a bath towel...and that just seemed weird, so I made 4 burp rags out of 1 yard. Baby blue terry on one side, blue striped and white/blue floral flannel on the other side. Such an easy project, and useful, too!

I also did our taxes (I planned my witholdings just right to where we got a small refund, whew!) and worked a ton in the yard with Karl. All of the plants that should have been pruned back in the late fall are now trimmed down so the emerging buds can grow unencumbered.

And...my great husband hung my craft shelves for me! I'm not entirely done organizing them, but here are a few photos of the in-progress shelves:

Happy Monday...



** photo heavy post ahead **

One day this past week I was able to get home from work early enough to be able to play with Henry outside during the daylight. Here are some photos!

Alright, off to do a little sewing so I can share some pictures later on (this blog isn't all about Henry, afterall, despite appearances suggesting otherwise).

Oh, and GO COUTURE!! We watched the UFC matches last night and were so pumped to see Tim Sylvia get beat! :)