Valentine’s Day, revisited

I always have grand intentions of having the best, most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. And then life happens. And then I’m making Karl a card after work on the day of, he gives me an in-progress drawing for a card, and we get a take & bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s because neither of us feel like cooking. We are SO romantic! Maybe next year I’ll take PTO or something so I can focus more on my grand intentions and less on the mundane details of everyday life.

Anyway, the one thing I did plan ahead was our gifts…and I decided (much to my husband’s chagrin) to get a gift for myself at the same time that I got a gift for him. So I picked out and bought gifts for both of us. :)

As anyone who knows Karl is well aware, he is a huge Firefly fan. Jayne, especially, is his favorite. Apparently there is an episode of Firefly in which Jayne wears a shirt that has the number 28 (which just so happens to be Karl’s favorite age and his 2nd favorite number, he'd like you to know) and some graphics around it. I found the shirt online at Cafe Press and surprised him with it. He was so pumped for his new Jayne shirt!

For myself, I ordered a little something from one of my favorite craft bloggers. Manda, at Tree Fall Design, makes some really beautiful things, and when she started making sock puppies I just knew I had to get one for myself.

Since it was a Valentine’s Day gift, and since I love argyle, I ordered Cameron…a red, pink and gray argyle puppy. So exciting to get the package from the U.K. so quickly after I ordered it, and to have one of her beautiful tags that she makes for each order!

Now I just need to get my darn shelves hung so I can have somewhere to display this little pup so that he won’t get attacked and destroyed by the other little pup in the family.

Look at that naughty little Cameron – attacking my most recent favorite fabric find, Alexander Henry’s apples + pears found at JoAnn’s! I just love it when they sneak in designer fabrics at non-designer prices. I almost ordered this one online a while back, and I’m so glad that I didn’t because it was more than $1/yard cheaper at J’s! I’ve been really impressed with our local J’s lately, they’ve got some really cute fabrics in stock. Stay tuned to see a super easy baby blanket made with some J’s fabric.

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Carrie said...

Which JoAnn's has that fabric? It would make a great summer bag!!! Or skirt!!!