brought to you by the letter P

P as in puppy kindergarten, puppy training or potty training…take your pick. :)

We started puppy kindergarten at Paws Abilities this past weekend. There were soooo many cute puppies there! One little pug, Sophia, was lucky that she didn’t get snatched up and brought home with us because she was so dang cute.

We enrolled in a 6-week course that focuses on the basics for puppies – potty training, name recognition, basic commands, etc. Henry may have started out a little behind schedule, but he’s coming along nicely with his homework. He’s gotten really good at the “name game” where we get him to respond to his name when called. He also gets super excited to play hide and seek with us (we hide, he seeks), and has the “sit” command down pat.

The other big development is that we finally took our puppy trainer’s advice (along with the advice of nearly everyone else we know as well) and crate trained him over the weekend! We started out by buying a crate that should fit him when he’s fully grown, and we put his dog bed and some of his favorite toys inside. Of course, Cooper had to be one of the first ones to check it out.

Henry, on the other hand, took a little bit longer to join the crate party.

After a day and a half of the crate sitting open in our dining room, Henry was going in and out of it willingly, and had even taken a few naps in it. So Sunday night we bit the bullet and shut him in the crate for the evening. A few hours of ridiculously loud crying and screaming ensued, and then the little guy finally wore himself out enough to go to sleep (after we moved the crate into our bedroom so he could see us). We woke up around 5:00 in the morning to check on him, and he was sleeping soundly! Night 2 went even better, with just a little bit of whimpering in the beginning of the night. We finally have our bed back! And, Karl reports that Henry is napping in the crate willingly during the day. What a good little boy!

Now, if the potty training were only as easy as the crate training…

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