All hail Craig's List!

Remember those couches I mentioned a few weeks back that I needed to get rid of to make room for the new? Well this weekend marks the first weekend that the new couches could technically get in (this is week 6 in the 6-8 weeks), so we posted the couch and chair set in a few places. Umm, less than 4 hours after we posted them on Craig's List and we'd had 4 inquiries into them. A very nice couple came and picked them up this morning, at exactly what we asked for them!

So farewell green striped couches, you have served us well. You were an extremely generous gift from my mom when I needed furniture the most.

Now bring on the new couches! The only dilemna this poses is that now we have an almost completely empty living room and Lydia is supposed to be sleeping over with us this weekend. Hmmmm, I'll have to get creative.

I could get used to this Craig's List business...

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