one week

Has it really already been a week since I posted? And have we really only had this puppy for JUST ONE WEEK??

Goodness gracious, it feels like we’ve had little Henry forever. It certainly feels that way when he channels Cujo and starts coming toward our faces (and his very favorite…my hair) snapping his jaws like a crazy rabid dog! It’s actually kind of cute, as long as you move out of the way before he gets to you!

Puppyhood is going much as we expected it to – tiring but totally worth it. We’ve made significant progress on getting the little guy to go on a walk and actually WALK on his own rather than going into complete freak-out mode and whining and jumping up on us to be held. Still working on getting him to behave better when the leash tightens and doesn’t allow him to go wherever he wants. We’ve successfully left him alone in the house (with the bedrooms, kitchen, office and living room closed off, of course) for a few hours at a time. We have about a 50% success rate on getting the little guy to use the potty training mat instead of the carpet (yuck), and over the weekend he started going potty outside. He’s also completely obsessed with getting the cat food. You’d think we were going all Jack Bauer on him when we don’t let him get close to the cat food from the way he cries and whines!

The cats have also really come around to accepting a puppy in the house. They play with him a lot more, and that gives us a welcome break from active puppy duty. I think I only heard Hobbes growl at Henry once over the weekend, and it wasn’t even a very convincing growl (more like an “I’m tired, leave me alone already!” kind of growl than an “I hate your face” kind of growl).

Little Henry has also discovered how fun it is to get belly rubs and back scratches, and he loves his little puppy bones. His skin infection is almost completely cleared up, and he loves to cuddle when he’s sleepy. In fact, he slept with me on the couch last night while I snored through the SAG awards and Karl said that Henry would periodically come up and snuggle by my neck and then go back to sleep by my feet. So sweet!

On my To Do list this week:

(1) Buy bolts and hang up my Ikea shelves for the craft corner, finally start to get that space organized.

(2) Mail off two very late birthday cards, and make a few more cards for upcoming birthdays.

(3) Finish up one extremely late Christmas gift and finally mail it off to its recipient.

(4) Get our house ready for an 11-yr-old invasion this weekend! Figure out what kind of food she likes to eat (hint, hint…P&J) and get in some girly movies for Saturday night. Hope and pray that she and Henry take well to each other, and that we have enough activities planned so that she’s not bored!

(5) Turn this sketch into a reality. I’m still carrying my Christmas bag around – for shame!

(6) Get some cute new photos of Henry to share with everyone!

(7) Get a haircut tomorrow - my crazy hair is out of control!

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