It must be fate!

Karl and I have been dying (DYING) to get new couches. The ones we have are old, ripped, stained and are magnets for cat hair (of which we have a little...). But we were hesitant to spend so much money. Until this weekend, that is!

We saw a La-Z Boy Furniture ad on TV that was advertising 36 months same as cash for MLK Jr. Day weekend. "Surely this is too good to be true" we thought, thinking that only the corner of forlorn rejected furniture would be offered at such a good deal. But we went into the store to check it out anyway and sure enough, everything was available at that deal.

We searched and searched, then found a couch set that both Karl and I loved (a rare thing indeed). Wanna hear the best part? The very best part? After we picked it out, the sales woman told us the name of the couch...The Laura. That sealed the deal right there - a couch named after moi? Sign me up!

So in 6-8 weeks, this baby will be delivered to our house in a nice chocolatey brown herringbone microfiber. We also got a matching chair and ottoman, and coordinating pillows in brown and light turquoise. Oh mama, I'm in love! And at a very good monthly payment, with no interest...that makes this deal even sweeter!

Anyone want an old couch and chair set?? We've got one to get rid of now. :)

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Anonymous said...

Laura, this reminds me of the new style of pants that fit me at Ann Taylor Loft - called the "Julie" - they are roomier through the hips and butt!!! It's like FINALLY!
-Julie K.