Henry Overload

Anyone familiar with the site, Cute Overload? I love it, and so today's Henry post is an homage to that adorable site. Or...you could look at it as so many Henry photos that the viewing public is bound to get overloaded. Whatever floats your boat.

Let's start with the most popular question of the day - how are the cats handling Henry?? Well, it should be no surprise that Cooper is coming around much faster than Hobbes.

Henry is doing one of his favorite things in the photo above - scratching/biting himself. He's got a little skin irritation going on, and hopefully once the Clavamox kicks in he'll heal up and stop the incessant scratching!

Henry was sent home with a little basket filled with some toys and a little blankie to remind him of his first home (and his mommy). Cooper has decided that the basket will be his - it fits him just perfectly!

(excuse the blurry Hobbes photo, it was the best I could do since those two don't stick around each other for very long)

We gave Henry his first bath on Sunday...he didn't much care for it...

Since he's such a little shivering guy, we bought him a sweater. Who would have thought that I'd be one of "those people"...the type that puts little dogs in sweaters?? I love it!

(umm, yeah, that's a cat toy that he's playing with)

A good majority of the photos we try to take turn out blurry because he's such a wiggly little thing. When he's not sleeping, he's a firecracker full of energy!

(notice how ALL FOUR of his paws are off the ground in the photo above? he's quite a jumper.)

This little guy is just so darned cute that he's got us completely wrapped around his little finger! He got to meet Dan and Leslie yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that he could have them wrapped around his little finger as well. :)

His first vet visit went exceptionally well. He's got the skin condition referenced above (which is really just two little spots that he's scratched to the point of minor infection), and he's got a slight ear infection as well (the same kind that Cooper had a few months back - no need to buy any different medication since we still had some left!). We also finally got those razor-sharp claw clipped....FINALLY!

And, since he's just so darn cute when he's sleeping...one parting shot..

Have a good night, all! I'm off to watch Heroes - I love that show, and I'm so glad it's finally back on!

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Carrie said...

You should submit that bath photo to cute overload. I'm not sure which rules of cuteness it conforms to, but there must be some . . .