Happy 2007!

Happy New Year!

2006 was quite a year, filled with many ups and some downs as well. But those downs help us appreciate the ups even more, right?

Here are a few highlights, and we’ll keep this a nice and light post by conveniently omitting the sad lowlights of the year:

  • several trips to Mexico – with my hubby, with friends and with family
  • a lovely wedding in May at our alma matter
  • a promotion for me in the early part of the year
  • becoming first-time homeowners in July
  • buying Karl his first car
  • welcoming my little nephew Peter into the world – the seventh kid from the next generation of Reasoners
  • getting a visit in September from Melissa
  • celebrating the purchase of Melissa’s first house shortly thereafter
  • making new friends and strengthening existing friendships
  • going to Texas in November for an extended weekend
  • celebrating one full year of marriage in September, and rounding out the year by approaching our sixth anniversary of coupledom (which we’ll reach in 16 more days)

What a good highlight reel!

Even though it’s a bit cliche to set resolutions, and chances are good that I won’t keep them even if I do spell them out for all to see….here is an abbreviated list of my goals for 2007.

  • get the house unpacked, organized and simplified
  • set up a big calendar for our bills and commitments
  • learn more about photography
  • sew and scrap more
  • be more active
  • make more meals at home to (a) be healthier and (b) save money

So there you have it. Today is a new day and a new year, filled with lots of opportunities for all of us. Let’s make the most of it!

Since I'm vowing to be more active in 2007, I can show you how I wrapped up 2006 - reading a book on the couch all day with two fuzzy ones keeping my legs warm. :)

That's Cooper giving me his tired eyes look...


Carrie said...

I hate to break it to you, but "be more active" and "sew and craft more" are 100% opposite goals. Trust me on this one! I think I'm going to shoot for "be more active" and "craft only slightly less". Otherwise, I'll have to sew a lot more to make a larger wardrobe.

Laura said...

Well actually, I should have clarified and said "not so many nights watching TV and falling asleep before 9:00 on the couch". That would in fact allow me to "be more active" and "sew and craft more"! :)