Hand-made Christmas...part II...

Here are the rest of my hand-made Christmas gifts:

Book bags made for my nieces. I didn’t use a pattern on these, and in hindsight I probably should have made them a bit smaller (especially for the littlest of littles, as her bag was nearly as large as her!). Just a very simple pattern –I didn’t even square off the bottoms! (please don't judge us for all of those non-filled nail holes that you can see in some of these photos...we haven't caulked since Susan & Rocky came up in September and installed this trim for us!)

Getting a book bag is about as exciting to a little kid as getting a savings bond, but hopefully they can get some use out of them and enjoy having a one-of-a-kind bag that none of their friends will have!

A playmat for our little friend Asher. I bought the panel in Houston, then added the checked and red sashing. Wish I would have put more quilting on it, but my mojo was fading fast...

And finally, a set of placemats for Melissa. I may be making a duplicate set of these, because this one ended up being my very favorite out of the different sets that I made. Hopefully she likes them as much as I do, and can get lots of good use out of them in her new home!

Umm, does it look like those placemats are only partially quilted? Why yes, yes it does. Why do they look that way? Because my sewing machine has decided to act up and not allow me to finish them properly. So Mel, you'll get these when I figure out what's going on with the old girl on my sewing table... Sorry about that!

That wraps up my 2006 crafting (well, pretty much)! My head is chock full of ideas for 2007, let’s just hope that I can (a) find enough time for what I want to do and (b) not procrastinate until it’s stressful to get everything done. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Phil said...

Our girls have already gotten usage out of their book bags - they work well on library trips!