the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:
Six years ago today, Karl and I met and started this crazy thing called a life together. We joke that it's been six looooong years, but really it's been six wonderful years that I wouldn't trade for anything.

To celebrate, we're going to go get Greek food today. One of the nice things about Karl being on a break from work is that he can come meet me for lunch. :)

Instead of paying $100+ to have my sewing machine fixed, I did it myself last weekend. The inner workings of that sewing machine no longer belong in Lintville USA, and I successfully adjusted the tension so regularly scheduled sewing can now resume.

The ice and snow are finally melting, which is good and bad. Good because I'm so over this winter weather, bad because everyone has ventured back out of their houses and so the traffic is back up to its normal levels. I kind of liked not having very many other people on the road for the past week!

The Bad:
I got some truly heartbreaking news from a good friend yesterday, and then even more heartbreaking news today. She's heavily in my thoughts, and I hope they both know that they aren't alone through this. We may not know the right words to say, and we've never been through the same situation, but we're here for you nonetheless.

The Ugly:
Everything is dirty and gray around here, due to the semi-melted snow and ice. Yuck.

No pictures today....sorry...

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