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Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? If so, then I hope you can see the reason behind this story.

On Christmas Eve, Karl and I planned on attending my brother’s church so we could see the older girls perform in a play and hear my sister-in-law sing one of my favorite Christmas songs. We had a misunderstanding about what time the festivities started, and ended up attending their normal church services instead of the special Christmas program.

While this was a big bummer for the girls, since we didn’t get to see them in the play, it did end up being a good thing afterall. For starters, it gave us some extra time to catch up with Philip and Jill (because we showed up extra early). It also allowed us to attend a service with their new pastor, something that wasn’t likely to happen otherwise.

This guy, in my opinion, was great. Unpolished, rambled just a bit, lost his train of thought a few times….a perfectly refreshing departure from the super slick pastors who never miss a beat (more power to you if that’s your thing, it’s just not really mine). He presented his sermon like a history lesson instead of going all fire & brimstone on us, and we especially loved his real-world approach to interpreting the bible.

So anyway, his sermon was about a “nation in need of redemption” and it really struck a chord with me in light of an especially heartbreaking story that my brother told me about someone in our family. I’m not going to get into all the gory details of this story, or why I think this sermon in particular was so relevant. That would just inevitably lead to hurt feelings if the individuals involved ever read this, particularly knowing the history of that side of the family as I do.

Suffice it to say that the sermon spelled out what it takes to be somebody’s redeemer. The person must have four attributes: (1) be of close kinship, (2) be willing to act as a redeemer, (3) be able to act as a redeemer and (4) be willing to accept the liabilities of the individual being redeemed. It talked about Naomi and Ruth coming to Moab and Ruth asking him to be her mother’s redeemer. How, even though he wasn’t the closest kinsman he accepted her request and said that he would not rest until Naomi had been redeemed. Talk about a noble sacrifice!

I thought this was a great reminder that the right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do.

Here’s wishing that we will all have a willing and able redeemer standing in our corner when the time comes! And here's wishing also that DFS has a quick turnaround on a report that will allow two people to save one little innocent one.

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Phil said...

It was wonderful seeing you guys again and I really agree with what you've written.