5:27 to 10:35 = Nuckin' Futs

5 hours in the car all for a stupid snow storm! I was in a pretty good mood for the first 4 hours of my 12 mile commute last night, but that last hour just did me in. Come on people! Don't floor it to try and get traction! Don't abandon your car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Use some common sense!

At one point, when I'd gotten blocked from all of the Renton exits (darn that Highlands hill!) and had foolishly decided to go down to Coal Creek (which was blocked as well, but I didn't know that until an hour and a half later thankyouverymuch), I called Karl and asked him how long it would take to walk one mile and tried to decide if it would be worth it for me to walk home from Factoria to Renton. In the end, I decided to fight my way back to the highway and go back to my regular Renton exit.

Apparently all I needed to do was drive around until all of the people who couldn't think clearly either abandoned their cars or got off the road, because the second try at my exit was just fine. The good thing is, we lost power at our house not too long after I left work...but it was back on about 45 minutes after I got home. So at least I didn't have to spend all night in a dark and cold house!

Here are some pictures from our yard this morning...

Alright, must head off to work to make up for the time lost yesterday!

People. One day they'll outlaw them and we'll all be better off.
- Phil Reasoner


Phil said...

I'm so glad I work from home :)

Julie Kurtenbach said...

I know how you feel! Your entry about driving home made me laugh out loud! It's SO what has been happening in the Denver/Boulder area. I HATE winter! My least favorite season by far!
-Julie K., Boulder