Alright, already!

No need to start a "Where's Suri"-esque countdown clock, I got your Henry right here! :)

The Three Amigos...I just love the look on Cooper's face in this one!

Captain Henry.

Play nice...

We took him on his longest walk yet this evening! He started out very energetic, but we were carrying him by the end of it because he was cold and exhausted.

Now, it's off to sew!


one week

Has it really already been a week since I posted? And have we really only had this puppy for JUST ONE WEEK??

Goodness gracious, it feels like we’ve had little Henry forever. It certainly feels that way when he channels Cujo and starts coming toward our faces (and his very favorite…my hair) snapping his jaws like a crazy rabid dog! It’s actually kind of cute, as long as you move out of the way before he gets to you!

Puppyhood is going much as we expected it to – tiring but totally worth it. We’ve made significant progress on getting the little guy to go on a walk and actually WALK on his own rather than going into complete freak-out mode and whining and jumping up on us to be held. Still working on getting him to behave better when the leash tightens and doesn’t allow him to go wherever he wants. We’ve successfully left him alone in the house (with the bedrooms, kitchen, office and living room closed off, of course) for a few hours at a time. We have about a 50% success rate on getting the little guy to use the potty training mat instead of the carpet (yuck), and over the weekend he started going potty outside. He’s also completely obsessed with getting the cat food. You’d think we were going all Jack Bauer on him when we don’t let him get close to the cat food from the way he cries and whines!

The cats have also really come around to accepting a puppy in the house. They play with him a lot more, and that gives us a welcome break from active puppy duty. I think I only heard Hobbes growl at Henry once over the weekend, and it wasn’t even a very convincing growl (more like an “I’m tired, leave me alone already!” kind of growl than an “I hate your face” kind of growl).

Little Henry has also discovered how fun it is to get belly rubs and back scratches, and he loves his little puppy bones. His skin infection is almost completely cleared up, and he loves to cuddle when he’s sleepy. In fact, he slept with me on the couch last night while I snored through the SAG awards and Karl said that Henry would periodically come up and snuggle by my neck and then go back to sleep by my feet. So sweet!

On my To Do list this week:

(1) Buy bolts and hang up my Ikea shelves for the craft corner, finally start to get that space organized.

(2) Mail off two very late birthday cards, and make a few more cards for upcoming birthdays.

(3) Finish up one extremely late Christmas gift and finally mail it off to its recipient.

(4) Get our house ready for an 11-yr-old invasion this weekend! Figure out what kind of food she likes to eat (hint, hint…P&J) and get in some girly movies for Saturday night. Hope and pray that she and Henry take well to each other, and that we have enough activities planned so that she’s not bored!

(5) Turn this sketch into a reality. I’m still carrying my Christmas bag around – for shame!

(6) Get some cute new photos of Henry to share with everyone!

(7) Get a haircut tomorrow - my crazy hair is out of control!


Henry Overload

Anyone familiar with the site, Cute Overload? I love it, and so today's Henry post is an homage to that adorable site. Or...you could look at it as so many Henry photos that the viewing public is bound to get overloaded. Whatever floats your boat.

Let's start with the most popular question of the day - how are the cats handling Henry?? Well, it should be no surprise that Cooper is coming around much faster than Hobbes.

Henry is doing one of his favorite things in the photo above - scratching/biting himself. He's got a little skin irritation going on, and hopefully once the Clavamox kicks in he'll heal up and stop the incessant scratching!

Henry was sent home with a little basket filled with some toys and a little blankie to remind him of his first home (and his mommy). Cooper has decided that the basket will be his - it fits him just perfectly!

(excuse the blurry Hobbes photo, it was the best I could do since those two don't stick around each other for very long)

We gave Henry his first bath on Sunday...he didn't much care for it...

Since he's such a little shivering guy, we bought him a sweater. Who would have thought that I'd be one of "those people"...the type that puts little dogs in sweaters?? I love it!

(umm, yeah, that's a cat toy that he's playing with)

A good majority of the photos we try to take turn out blurry because he's such a wiggly little thing. When he's not sleeping, he's a firecracker full of energy!

(notice how ALL FOUR of his paws are off the ground in the photo above? he's quite a jumper.)

This little guy is just so darned cute that he's got us completely wrapped around his little finger! He got to meet Dan and Leslie yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that he could have them wrapped around his little finger as well. :)

His first vet visit went exceptionally well. He's got the skin condition referenced above (which is really just two little spots that he's scratched to the point of minor infection), and he's got a slight ear infection as well (the same kind that Cooper had a few months back - no need to buy any different medication since we still had some left!). We also finally got those razor-sharp claw clipped....FINALLY!

And, since he's just so darn cute when he's sleeping...one parting shot..

Have a good night, all! I'm off to watch Heroes - I love that show, and I'm so glad it's finally back on!

Best Soup Ever

We interrupt Henry time to bring you two recipes....but don't worry, they will be closely followed by so many photos of the pup that you are likely to get tired of him. :)

I've really been in a soup mood this winter, and these two recipes that I found on the Seattle Times website scratched that itch quite nicely today.

First up was making (for the first time) homemade chicken stock. The article said that store-bought stock doesn't even hold a candle to homemade stock, but I was skeptical. Would it really taste all that different? Would it be worth all that effort? Oh yes, my friends, it was completely worth it. Velvety smooth, rich, and surprisingly easy (although it does make for a ton of dishes to wash).

Refer to the link above for the recipe, or feel free to email me and I'll send it to you (I'm just too lazy to re-type it all). The only change I made to the Times' recipe is to add a few bay leaves to the mix. Mmmm, mmmm, good. And as an added bonus, I got 4 cups of shredded chicken to go with the several quarts of chicken stock!

That shredded chicken came in handy for tonight's dinner - Burmese Chicken-Coconut Soup, as adapted from the cookbook "From Curries to Kebabs: Recipes from the Indian Spice Trail" by Madhur Jaffrey. We added a bit more salt than the recipe called for, and since I didn't have any lo-main noodles on hand I just used whole wheat angel hair. To quote Karl, this was the best homemade soup I've ever had in my life! A hint of spice, but then the coolness of the coconut milk - absolutely fabulous. I don't even have a picture to share because we gulped it down too fast!

So if you are looking for some yummy soups/stocks to try, I'd highly recommend these two!


and they call it....puppy love...

Karl and I got a puppy! We found him through someone at my company, and it all worked out just right so that we got the last puppy from the litter. His mom is a Maltese/Lhasa Apso...

His dad is a Miniature Schnauzer...

And he...is Henry...

We picked him up this morning, and he's just the cutest little fluffball ever! We'd been looking for the right pup every since getting our house, and we finally found him! He was born on Thanksgiving Day, so he is 8 weeks and 2 days old. He weighs in at a whopping 4.5 pounds, and he's about as tall as a soda can. :)

He has taken a liking to Karl...

But the cats aren't too sure what to make of him yet...

When we first brought him home, he had a bit of play time...

And then he piddled on the carpet (oops!) and has been sacked out every since...

We've got his first vet appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon, so keep your fingers crossed that everything is okay with the little guy.

Potty training, here we come! :)


the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good:
Six years ago today, Karl and I met and started this crazy thing called a life together. We joke that it's been six looooong years, but really it's been six wonderful years that I wouldn't trade for anything.

To celebrate, we're going to go get Greek food today. One of the nice things about Karl being on a break from work is that he can come meet me for lunch. :)

Instead of paying $100+ to have my sewing machine fixed, I did it myself last weekend. The inner workings of that sewing machine no longer belong in Lintville USA, and I successfully adjusted the tension so regularly scheduled sewing can now resume.

The ice and snow are finally melting, which is good and bad. Good because I'm so over this winter weather, bad because everyone has ventured back out of their houses and so the traffic is back up to its normal levels. I kind of liked not having very many other people on the road for the past week!

The Bad:
I got some truly heartbreaking news from a good friend yesterday, and then even more heartbreaking news today. She's heavily in my thoughts, and I hope they both know that they aren't alone through this. We may not know the right words to say, and we've never been through the same situation, but we're here for you nonetheless.

The Ugly:
Everything is dirty and gray around here, due to the semi-melted snow and ice. Yuck.

No pictures today....sorry...


It must be fate!

Karl and I have been dying (DYING) to get new couches. The ones we have are old, ripped, stained and are magnets for cat hair (of which we have a little...). But we were hesitant to spend so much money. Until this weekend, that is!

We saw a La-Z Boy Furniture ad on TV that was advertising 36 months same as cash for MLK Jr. Day weekend. "Surely this is too good to be true" we thought, thinking that only the corner of forlorn rejected furniture would be offered at such a good deal. But we went into the store to check it out anyway and sure enough, everything was available at that deal.

We searched and searched, then found a couch set that both Karl and I loved (a rare thing indeed). Wanna hear the best part? The very best part? After we picked it out, the sales woman told us the name of the couch...The Laura. That sealed the deal right there - a couch named after moi? Sign me up!

So in 6-8 weeks, this baby will be delivered to our house in a nice chocolatey brown herringbone microfiber. We also got a matching chair and ottoman, and coordinating pillows in brown and light turquoise. Oh mama, I'm in love! And at a very good monthly payment, with no interest...that makes this deal even sweeter!

Anyone want an old couch and chair set?? We've got one to get rid of now. :)


5:27 to 10:35 = Nuckin' Futs

5 hours in the car all for a stupid snow storm! I was in a pretty good mood for the first 4 hours of my 12 mile commute last night, but that last hour just did me in. Come on people! Don't floor it to try and get traction! Don't abandon your car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! Use some common sense!

At one point, when I'd gotten blocked from all of the Renton exits (darn that Highlands hill!) and had foolishly decided to go down to Coal Creek (which was blocked as well, but I didn't know that until an hour and a half later thankyouverymuch), I called Karl and asked him how long it would take to walk one mile and tried to decide if it would be worth it for me to walk home from Factoria to Renton. In the end, I decided to fight my way back to the highway and go back to my regular Renton exit.

Apparently all I needed to do was drive around until all of the people who couldn't think clearly either abandoned their cars or got off the road, because the second try at my exit was just fine. The good thing is, we lost power at our house not too long after I left work...but it was back on about 45 minutes after I got home. So at least I didn't have to spend all night in a dark and cold house!

Here are some pictures from our yard this morning...

Alright, must head off to work to make up for the time lost yesterday!

People. One day they'll outlaw them and we'll all be better off.
- Phil Reasoner


Happy Birthday, Rocky!

Happy Birthday, Rocky! We hope you have a wonderful day!

(card made with Chatterbox patterned paper and Making Memories metal plates)


Hand-made Christmas...part II...

Here are the rest of my hand-made Christmas gifts:

Book bags made for my nieces. I didn’t use a pattern on these, and in hindsight I probably should have made them a bit smaller (especially for the littlest of littles, as her bag was nearly as large as her!). Just a very simple pattern –I didn’t even square off the bottoms! (please don't judge us for all of those non-filled nail holes that you can see in some of these photos...we haven't caulked since Susan & Rocky came up in September and installed this trim for us!)

Getting a book bag is about as exciting to a little kid as getting a savings bond, but hopefully they can get some use out of them and enjoy having a one-of-a-kind bag that none of their friends will have!

A playmat for our little friend Asher. I bought the panel in Houston, then added the checked and red sashing. Wish I would have put more quilting on it, but my mojo was fading fast...

And finally, a set of placemats for Melissa. I may be making a duplicate set of these, because this one ended up being my very favorite out of the different sets that I made. Hopefully she likes them as much as I do, and can get lots of good use out of them in her new home!

Umm, does it look like those placemats are only partially quilted? Why yes, yes it does. Why do they look that way? Because my sewing machine has decided to act up and not allow me to finish them properly. So Mel, you'll get these when I figure out what's going on with the old girl on my sewing table... Sorry about that!

That wraps up my 2006 crafting (well, pretty much)! My head is chock full of ideas for 2007, let’s just hope that I can (a) find enough time for what I want to do and (b) not procrastinate until it’s stressful to get everything done. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday (a day late) to my dear sister-in-law! We hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday, Laura!

(card made with Rusty Pickle and Basic Gray patterned paper)


consider this

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? If so, then I hope you can see the reason behind this story.

On Christmas Eve, Karl and I planned on attending my brother’s church so we could see the older girls perform in a play and hear my sister-in-law sing one of my favorite Christmas songs. We had a misunderstanding about what time the festivities started, and ended up attending their normal church services instead of the special Christmas program.

While this was a big bummer for the girls, since we didn’t get to see them in the play, it did end up being a good thing afterall. For starters, it gave us some extra time to catch up with Philip and Jill (because we showed up extra early). It also allowed us to attend a service with their new pastor, something that wasn’t likely to happen otherwise.

This guy, in my opinion, was great. Unpolished, rambled just a bit, lost his train of thought a few times….a perfectly refreshing departure from the super slick pastors who never miss a beat (more power to you if that’s your thing, it’s just not really mine). He presented his sermon like a history lesson instead of going all fire & brimstone on us, and we especially loved his real-world approach to interpreting the bible.

So anyway, his sermon was about a “nation in need of redemption” and it really struck a chord with me in light of an especially heartbreaking story that my brother told me about someone in our family. I’m not going to get into all the gory details of this story, or why I think this sermon in particular was so relevant. That would just inevitably lead to hurt feelings if the individuals involved ever read this, particularly knowing the history of that side of the family as I do.

Suffice it to say that the sermon spelled out what it takes to be somebody’s redeemer. The person must have four attributes: (1) be of close kinship, (2) be willing to act as a redeemer, (3) be able to act as a redeemer and (4) be willing to accept the liabilities of the individual being redeemed. It talked about Naomi and Ruth coming to Moab and Ruth asking him to be her mother’s redeemer. How, even though he wasn’t the closest kinsman he accepted her request and said that he would not rest until Naomi had been redeemed. Talk about a noble sacrifice!

I thought this was a great reminder that the right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do.

Here’s wishing that we will all have a willing and able redeemer standing in our corner when the time comes! And here's wishing also that DFS has a quick turnaround on a report that will allow two people to save one little innocent one.

Happy 2007!

Happy New Year!

2006 was quite a year, filled with many ups and some downs as well. But those downs help us appreciate the ups even more, right?

Here are a few highlights, and we’ll keep this a nice and light post by conveniently omitting the sad lowlights of the year:

  • several trips to Mexico – with my hubby, with friends and with family
  • a lovely wedding in May at our alma matter
  • a promotion for me in the early part of the year
  • becoming first-time homeowners in July
  • buying Karl his first car
  • welcoming my little nephew Peter into the world – the seventh kid from the next generation of Reasoners
  • getting a visit in September from Melissa
  • celebrating the purchase of Melissa’s first house shortly thereafter
  • making new friends and strengthening existing friendships
  • going to Texas in November for an extended weekend
  • celebrating one full year of marriage in September, and rounding out the year by approaching our sixth anniversary of coupledom (which we’ll reach in 16 more days)

What a good highlight reel!

Even though it’s a bit cliche to set resolutions, and chances are good that I won’t keep them even if I do spell them out for all to see….here is an abbreviated list of my goals for 2007.

  • get the house unpacked, organized and simplified
  • set up a big calendar for our bills and commitments
  • learn more about photography
  • sew and scrap more
  • be more active
  • make more meals at home to (a) be healthier and (b) save money

So there you have it. Today is a new day and a new year, filled with lots of opportunities for all of us. Let’s make the most of it!

Since I'm vowing to be more active in 2007, I can show you how I wrapped up 2006 - reading a book on the couch all day with two fuzzy ones keeping my legs warm. :)

That's Cooper giving me his tired eyes look...