You break it you buy it, lady

I’ve finally gotten around to downloading and editing all of the photos from my trip to the Ixtapa/Zihautanejo area! Since there are so many photos to share, I won’t muck it up with too much commentary…

a great time was had with my dad and Barb (still a bit bummed that Karl couldn’t join us, though)

had a nice view from our small hotel room

spent 4 days and 3 nights shopping and relaxing

lots of walks, the best ones were on the beach

watched some fishermen….fishing

walked by this fountain every time we went into town

bought some fun souvenirs and gifts (but no photos to show of that…can’t ruin any Christmas surprises)

saw some pretty flowers…

…and trees

had a maid who created fun towel creatures

watched the sunset on day 1…

…and on day 2…

…and on day 3…

the hotel had a lovely infinity pool that almost completely blended in with the ocean

spent time each morning watching the dolphins play next door to our hotel – a much better bargain than paying $150 to swim in the pool with them!

enjoyed the 2-for-1 happy hour quite a bit!

and saw one final sunset before heading back to the “real” world

A great vacation, indeed!


Phil said...

That is so amazingly cool. I'm jealous!

Carrie said...

Wow, that sounds so fun! Much better than being stuck here working on the stupid budget. I need a vacation!!!