Windy McWinderson

This has been a crazy weather season for us here in the Pacific NW! First we almost break a record for consecutive number of days with rain early in the year, then we get basically no rain all summer, then we break a record for rain during the month of November, then we have a freak snow storm that shut the city down, and NOW we had gale-force winds last night and I'm stuck at home because my office doesn't have any power! Whew...that was quite a run-on sentence!

So anyway, I drove through the obstacle course of our neighborhood this morning and headed to work.

But wait! There was a downed tree blocking the road into Renton (we are outside of the city limits), so I was doing a u-turn to go the other way when my boss called to say that we had no power and that we couldn't even get in the building because the key card swipe was out along with the rest of the electricity. So here I sit, calling in periodically to see if I get anything other than a busy signal (indicating that the power is back on).

Crazy stuff! We have a few big trees down in our neighborhood, but luckily it appears as if none of them hit any houses.

Alright, Karl just came back home because his office campus is out of power as well. At least we've got power at home....and I can hopefully get some more Christmas gifts finished up! :)



Carrie said...

Lucky--our power was out until about 9pm this evening. I spent a good portion of the day getting flashlights, candles, and a phone that doesn't require electricity. Time to catch up on crafting now!

Phil said...

We were out for 12 hours or so. Didn't get Internet for 65 hours (when you work from home, that's rather critical). Our old neighborhood in Carnation: they'll get power AFTER CHRISTMAS.

Only damage at our place was my back fence got slightly damaged.