bright paper packages, tied up in string

...part 1...

I'm not sure why I do this every Christmas - put SO MUCH pressure on myself to give hand-made gifts, but then procrastinate like crazy until it's almost too late to get them done in time. Stress. Myself. Out.

A little over a month ago, I saw a place mat on a crafty blog and I decided that I could make some of those as Christmas gifts. I know it's still a few days away from the big day, but I think it's safe to share these photos because I don't think Karl's stepsisters read this blog. If they do....stop reading now!

The piecing of these place mat sets went very quickly and was loads of fun. I mean, seriously, what could be more fun than picking out coordinating fabrics and piecing them together in a fun patchwork? I love that part, and I'll stay up all night for that without hardly blinking an eye!

It's just the finishing that gets me, the quilting in straight lines and all (which, I'm told, could be much easier if I upgraded my machine), the hand-sewing up the tiny little hole where I turned these suckers right-side out. The figuring out which type of quilting was the preferred method - horizontal lines, vertical lines or diamonds (curse you, blue painters' tape!). Exhausting!

But in the end, I'm so happy with how these turned out! An important lesson I learned is that I should have written down my measurements after cutting out the first set (I didn't use a pattern, except for the one I liked online). Each set is slightly different in size, but luckily all 4 in each set are the same!

There are a total of 4 sets, but one of them is for someone who may possibly read this blog before Christmas...so that picture will come with the next post of Christmas goodness. :)

Sorry for the cruddy pictures...it's 11:00, and there isn't a whole lot of natural light to be had this late...

Off to finish one more project so we can mail off packages tomorrow....

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Carrie said...

Those look so great that I wish I'd have made them as presents instead of my stupid knit things. Stupid knitting!