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This past weekend we hosted a UFC Fight Night at our house. The great thing about being homeowners is that we can actually DO things like have a party and not have to worry about 10 people being crammed into our apartment and possibly annoying our neighbors with the noise!

It may surprise some of you (okay, a lot of you) to know that Karl and I are Ultimate Fighting fans. We typically don't like fighting, and we're not even all that much into sports. But for some reason we totally get into UFC! I guess you can "blame" it on Dan and Leslie - they got us into Project Runway and UFC, quite an odd pairing....but that's us in a nutshell.

So anyway, back to the party preparation. I was feeling a lot of anxiety about having people over when our house (in my opinion) was still looking a bit un-homey. We had white spots all over the walls from holes that had been patched, there were multiple different paint swatches from the different colors that we contemplated, and there was absolutely nothing hung up on the walls. Hosting a party was just the kick in the pants that I needed to get motivated to work on the house again, so after work last week I painted (with some help from Karl) the dining room and hallway, then we hung up a bunch of artwork and also organized a few rooms.

Here are some pictures....

This is the fireplace and mantel in our living room. We bought the fireplace screen at Home Depot, and painted the walls a nice shade of bluish-gray. That rose is one of my favorite paintings of Karl's, and that helped us decide to go with cooler colors on our walls instead of warmer ones (have to coordinate the walls with the artwork, you know).

This is our dining room, and I painted the wainscoting the same color as the living room. The upper part of the walls and the hallway are a lighter shade of gray. That painting on the wall is not one that Karl did, but a canvas that I bought off of a street vendor in Paris back in 2001. I love that painting, as it reminds me of what a great trip I had with Laura (and just in case you don't know, I'm not talking about myself in the 3rd person here....she's my sister-in-law). I will go back to Europe some day, but I'll never have another trip like that. Needless to say, this painting is really special to me. And see those green dishes on the table? We found those at an antique store down the street from us, and those have quickly become some of our more treasured pieces.

Some people didn't mind the sage green color that was everywhere in our house, but we couldn't stand it. It reminded us of the previous owners (not a happy reminder), it looked terrible with the creamy colored trim and it just wasn't US. This makes it feel so much more like home. We still need to paint the trim a nice and bright white, but that will come at a later day.

Here's a shot of the hallway and our guest bedroom. The hallway is the same color as the top of our dining room, and that orange rose in the corner was a birthday gift from Karl a few years ago. LOVE that painting. :) The guest bedroom is painted a color called Melted Butter and the quilt is from Garnet Hill. The guest bedroom is such a happy little room - this picture doesn't even do justice to the lovely color.

Karl and I have been having a total love-fest with our house since we got these walls painted and the artwork hung up. It just feels like OUR HOME now, like all of the negativity that was associated with the previous owners has been washed away and it's just our house. There's still a lot to do to it, but at least we are one step closer.

So now that the party prep was done, it was time to move on to Fight Night! Most of the people that we invited were known UFC fans, but we also had a few people who (a) didn't even know what UFC was and (b) weren't too into fighting. Carrie was quite the trooper though, and she even brought hostess gifts with her! Check out these adorable coasters that her mom made, and the cute candy cane tissue holder. I love them!

And she also gave me a knitted dish rag, which I put to use to clean up the stack of dishes that was left after the party. I've never used a knitted cloth to wash dishes, but after trying it out I have been converted. Plus, it looks so darn cute draped over the faucet. Thanks, Carrie!

How were the fights, you ask? Well there were 2 main events - the heavyweight title match with Sylvia vs Monson and the welterweight title match with Hughes vs St. Pierre (GSP). The Sylvia fight was a huge disappointment due to an almost complete lack of any interesting activity. There was almost a foot of height difference between the two guys, and Sylvia used that to his advantage to help him just stay away from Monson (who is a monster, and would have easily defeated Sylvia if he could have just gotten closer to him, IMO). It seemed to me that he knew that the judges wouldn't take the title away from the champ if it came down to a decision, so he just defended rather than trying to actually win. Boring.

And that takes me to the welterweight fight, which was night and day from the heavyweight fight. GSP was in fine form, and even though the fight lasted for just under two full rounds there was a ton of action. When GSP landed that kick to the head and then started raining on Matt Hughes, it was all over. That was a really fun fight, and we were all pretty pumped that GSP won! I was a little bummed that there weren't more flying knees and flying punches (my favorite moves), but there was enough other action to make it completely worth buying the PPV. Plus, it was a really fun group of people that we had over at the house. Good friends, good food/drink, good fight = great night. :)

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Phil said...

Your house is looking so cute. You are an awesome decorator!

And I had no idea my sister was so into fighting...