Calling all you bird watchers

Okay, all you bird watchers out there....what types of birds are these? I patiently waited at our kitchen sink over the weekend to try and get shots of most of the birds that frequent our yard. There was one species that didn't make an appearance, so hopefully I will catch that one sometime in the future.

(1) This blue one makes a squawk like a crow, and sort of looks like a blue jay without the white (which makes us fairly certain that it's not a blue jay). There is a group of 3 or 4 of these guys that visit our yard pretty regularly. They aren't too good at holding on to our little suet feeder, so they employ the hover and peck quickly technique and then drop down to pick up the pieces from the yard.

(2) The one perched on the feeder here, with the chestnut-colored back, has some crazy evil eyebrows (which are probably just tufts of fur that got messed up...I don't REALLY think he's evil...).

(3) These guys, with the black heads and necks, started making an appearance a few weeks ago.

(4) These pretty little ones have the biggest numbers in our yard. Sometimes you can see at least a dozen of them in our plum trees. Usually they are pretty polite and will wait their turn on top of the wind chimes that are just to the side of this feeder.

(5) And finally we've got these fawn-colored little fellows.

So there you have a run-down of most of our birds. Oh wait, there is one other one that I've been having a hard time identifying. We've got 3 of this one, and they sure do enjoy our bird feeders. A LOT. Anyone know what type of BIRD this is???

Thanks for your help!!

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