Back in the Saddle!

I jumped back into the sewing saddle again....finally!! This group of WIP (works-in-progress for you non-crafters and/or non-accountants) is going to turn into fun Christmas gifts for 4 little Reasoners. I tried to pick fabrics that they will like, and hopefully Aunt Laura picked well. Can't show you the finished products for another month and a half or so though, since that would ruin the Christmas surprise.

It felt so good to sew again - even though the office isn't completely unpacked and my sewing area was less than ideally set up, it was like saying hello to an old friend to sit at the machine and sew. And I'm really proud of myself because all of the fabrics you see above were from my stash. How very frugal of me! And that pale yellow fabric with the pink bugs? That (I think) was the very first fabric that I ever bought back when Barb first gave me my machine, but I've been hesitant to cut into it because I couldn't come up with something to make out of it that would do justice to how cute the fabric is. I must say that it's very liberating to cut into fabric that you've been hoarding for 3 years!

I'll end this post with a pic of a quilt that I made earlier in the year using some of the fabric from the first picture. It was a baby blanket for my good friend Carri's new baby boy. Before the little one could enjoy it though, my little Mr. Blue Eyes decided to give it a test run. The look he's giving the camera says, rather sheepishly, "Do we have to give this away??"
It's a little busy for a baby quilt, but I figured that all of the activity on it would give the little one something to look at while he's playing.

Have a good day!

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