Happy Adoption Anniversary, Cooper!!

It’s hard to believe you’ve only been in our lives for 1 year!

Our little CoopCoop, Cooper the Pooper, Mr. Talkative, Super Duper Cooper, Coopie McCooperson,Coopie Doopie, Ha-Cooper.

You give us endless entertainment and you are a faithful companion to Hobbes. Your sleepy eyes and your “lean back” are too cute for words, and the way you play with reckless abandon just cracks us up. We could watch you play with a toy mouse forever, and it would never cease to make us laugh. We love the way you get so happy just from seeing Hobbes purring, and how you'll high-step over to us and take a nosedive into your side...so happy just to be around another happy cat.

You scratch on the couch a little too much, you faked us out at the shelter by acting like you would be a lap cat, and you earn the nickname Cooper the Pooper a little too often….but we can’t even imagine not having you in our lives!

We love you Cooper!

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Phil said...

Cute pics, sis!