Alright, Halloween can now officially arrive because we are ready! Candy? Check. Pumpkins? Check. Spooktacular decor? Check. :) Costumes? Well....not quite yet, so I guess Halloween had better wait for another week before getting here.

Since this is our first year as homeowners, and since I love Halloween decor so much, I went a little bit crazy. Without further ado, I give you the LeDoux House of Horrors!

A cute little door hanging that I got at JoAnn's...on sale...

Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton, possibly my favorite indoor decoration. I saw this idea on the blog of one of my favorite scrapbookers (Elsie) , and liked it so much that I ran out to Michaels to get a pair of skeletons to decorate for our house! I used a Sharpie for the facial features, ribbon for Mr. Skeleton's tie, and layers of tulle for Mrs. Skeleton's skirt along with some rick-rack for her belt. They are currently hanging in our kitchen window so that I can have a laugh every day while doing the dishes.

A felt table runner that I found yesterday at Target. Check out the green skeleton faces! And the blue bats! Like I said yesterday....it really doesn't take much to make me happy! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the cats will leave it alone while it is residing on the living room coffee table!

Here's the reason why the felt runner can't be on our kitchen table - because my quilt is on it. This is the first (and only, so far!) quilt that I ever made. I took a class with my friend Alisa to learn how to piece and quilt, and thankfully Barb finished up the binding for me (because it probably still wouldn't be done, nearly 3 years later). I am so proud of this quilt, and I'm going to be bummed when it gets too far into winter to have a fall quilt on the table!

And the piece de resistance...our pumpkins!! I had seen the cats in Sunset Magazine a few months back, and I just knew that we'd be making a cat family of our own this year. And then I saw the ghosts in Ladies' Home Journal, and well....resistance was futile, you might say. I love, love, love how these pumpkins turned out!!

And in non-Halloween news...

Lately Karl and I have really been enjoying seeing the many different types of birds that come into our yard. Most of the time we have little small birds enjoying the suet out of our little feeder. But for the past few days, this big lady has been all "Hey, I look a little ridiculous hanging out on this thing....would you get a more size-appropriate feeder for me....like, now??" and we were all "Alright, already.....geesh!" and so we went out and got a larger feeder. So far it hasn't received any birdie love, but I'm sure in time it will. Anyone know what kind of bird that is?

Also this weekend, we went to see The Prestige. I'd give it 7 out of 10 stars - great premise, very interesting plot, but the characters weren't overly likable. One thing is for sure, I will never look at a magic trick the same way again! And if you ever see someone do the whole disappearing bird thing? Run far, far away!

Happy Sunday!



Carrie said...

Those pumpkins are AWESOME!!!!!! Can you make some in dachshund shapes for Frieda and Gretel? Thanks. What, you don't have time? But I said thanks! Usually at Halloween I just say "gimmee".

Laura Spears said...

Scott says that the bird in the picture is a Northern Flicker - I guess that it is a type of woodpecker.