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This summer we purchased our first house - a 1960s rambler in Renton. We've been working our tails off (which is good, because having a tail is a bit embarrassing anyway) to update it, change some of the more ghetto parts of it, and just make it our own.

Since most of our family and a lot of our friends live out-of-town, here are some before shots - these are the best of the best from the real estate listing. Notice how green the grass is? I'm pretty sure that was Photoshopped, because there wasn't a bit of green left by the time we took possession! One other item to note is that these pictures were taken by the previous owners, so that's all of their stuff that you see in these pics.

The front of the house:

A portion of the backyard:
Master bedroom:
Guest bedroom:

Reading room (for us):


Living room:Kitchen:Dining room/breakfast nook:Yes, it looks very cute. But these photos were taken by a professional realtor who knew how to maximize the space and minimize/hide the flaws! Don't get me wrong, we love the house...or rather, we love what the house WILL be when we are done with it. :) I just keep dreaming of that day when our house moves from a work-in-progress to a completed project!

Coming up next....a list of what we have done so far.

As a side note, anyone know why I can't put more than one picture on a line? It's a little weird (read: annoying) to have such a long and linnear post.

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Stook! said...

So let me be the first to leave a comment.

I am very disappointed that the guest bedroom will not have the look and feel of a children's room. I was really looking forward to that.

Can't wait for that first list of stuff.