Are you ready for this?

Told you I'm a list maker...

We closed on the house on July 19. Since then, we've...

  • Patched 20+ holes that were left from nails, screws, ugly curtain rods, baby gates...you get the picture.
  • Scraped off the nasty old popcorn ceilings in all 3 bedrooms, hallway, dining room and living room. On a weekend of record-breaking heat, with no a/c. Wearing all of the protective gear that you see below. Heat + Protective Gear + Back Breaking Work + Laura = CRABBY

  • Fixed the dangerous gas leak on our hot water heater, and replaced the rusted out old tank just for shi!s and giggles (here's a big kiss blown at ya, previous owners!).
  • Fixed the other dangerous gas leak on our furnace, but passed on replacing the furnace itself (me thinks the previous owners hired a Cracker Jack HVAC person to inspect the furnace, since they didn't find the leak on the MAIN VALVE of the furnace, but they would NEVER admit that!).
  • Trimmed up the apple and pear trees in the backyard. Took away at least 2 full truckloads of yard debris. Realized that the fruit trees were nearly dead from lack of water (thanks for that, previous owners!), spent a lot of time trying to figure out the ideal sprinkler placement for maximum yard coverage (I will conquer you, allusive sprinkler placement. Oh yes, I will!).
  • Painted the reading room (the room that had light blue stars stenciled on it) a cozy shade of red , the guest bedroom (the blue one with the wallpaper border that caused me great grief in removing) a very Colonial shade of melted butter, the office (which is the converted garage) a yummy shade of green called Grape Leaves, and the living room an absolutely delicious color called Stonewall Jackson (a bluish grey).
  • Removed the cheap trim from the red room.
  • Replaced the ghetto sliding glass door in the office with a beauty of a window. And a windowsill! (thanks, Rocky!)
  • Removed and replaced the cheap trim in the office. I am so in love with our baseboards. :)
  • Added a small cabinet beside the stove with a great butcher block top (thanks, Dad!).
  • Painted the shutters a dark blue - much more complimentary with our main house color than the old green.
  • Sharpened Karl's skills at building furniture.
  • Replaced the cheap white light fixture by the front door with a cool bronze-ish one.
  • Added a decorative screen to the front of the fireplace. Oh so much more classy than the paper that we had taped up to keep Cooper and Hobbes out of trouble.
  • Replaced the cheap mini blinds with wood slat blinds. There's just something about having blinds that actually close that appeals to the non-exhibitionist side of me...
  • Replaced one of my car windows after some punk kid smashed it in the middle of the night. You know, as a Welcome to the Neighborhood gift.
  • Weeded and planted a ton of flowers and bulbs (thanks, Susan!).

That's about it! I haven't taken photos of everything yet and I'm sure I've missed a few things here and there, but the list above seems to pretty much cover it. So far we have LOVED everything that we've done. It's made the house feel so much more like our own, instead of just some random place that we were staying in. Too bad we're going to have to slow down the pace to keep from going into the poor house though!

Still on our To Do list: painting (kitchen/dining/hallway, bathroom, utility room), caulk/paint new office trim, paint/install shutters for new window, paint front door to match shutters, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and plant a money tree. A big, fast-growing money tree. Maybe two of them. Anyone know where I can score one of those bad boys? :)

Have a good night, and thanks for stopping by and hanging in there to make it all the way through this post!


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