And we're off!

Hola, mi amigos!

Well, I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon and started a blog! Bear with me as I struggle to find my groove on this, as it could be a bumpy ride…

My intent with this blog is simple. Keep our friends and family up-to-date on the goings on with…

  • our lives
  • our little furballs
  • our house remodeling
  • yummy goodness from the kitchen
  • our dreams and plans and wishes
  • my random lists (and there will be a lot of those, I am a list maker afterall)
  • my favorite quotes
  • photos (the good, the bad and the embarrassing)
  • Karl's artwork
  • my crafty little corner of our office

(the latter two points may not see much action while we are focusing so much energy on the house)

What will this blog not have?

  • discussions about Karl’s or my jobs, companies or coworkers (too risky on a public blog, you know?).
  • proper grammar or punctuation ;)

And so it begins. Let’s kick this party off in style with an embarrassing photo of me!

Here I am, at some young age. Asleep with a chair on top of me. By choice. Some might say that this is what I do best – sleeping awkwardly.

See you next time!


1 comment:

Carrie said...

Love the photo, looking forward to the craft corner stuff!!!